Galleon Storage and Mooring Limited, 50 Puddingmoor, Beccles, Suffolk. NR34 9PL TEL: 01502 714154
For The Storing Or Mooring Of Your Craft Or Boat

Galleon Storage and Mooring is one of the most ‘state of the art’ and environmentally friendly boat yards on the Norfolk Broads.
It has a unique decontamination facility which removes toxic chemicals from hull wash water and bilge water.
After the boats are washed down in a specially built bay, the wash water is stored in a decontamination tank, then run through a WashTek filtration system. Cartridges absorb 98% of the pollutants before the clean water is returned to the river.
The yard is also the first on the Broads to offer a ‘dry stack’ system of boat storage which does away with the need to antifoul boats, saving again the environment and the cost of antifouling to the boat owner.

The customer advantages of using our services:
Craft are washed regularly in our bay.  All waste water is stripped of antifouling residues before being returned to the river.
Our stripping equipment is capable of removing mineral oil from bilges after an oil spill.
Craft are in a secure environment enclosed by security fencing.
Craft are kept out of the water when not in use and this reduces wear from fenders scuffing the gel coat.
With craft being out of the water the bottom does not foul, hence enhanced performances and fuel saving.
Some insurance companies allow a discount on their premiums for these precautionary measures.
New craft (GRP or steel) that have never been coated with antifouling have a 10% higher resale value.